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Five Essential Marketing Communications Concerns

Website * Social Media * Paid Advertising * Publicity * Brand Strength

The primary purpose of all five of these activities to bring you more new customers!

The very first contact most people will have with your company is likely your website. 

I can help you:

Keep your site current, clearly explaining all of your present competitive offerings

Make it easy to use, easy for prospects to find the information they need in a minimum amount of time 

Help create content that inspires confidence and encourage readers to take the next step and contact you. 

Improve your rank in search engines

Create and add YouTube video

Show you what your competitors are offering, and what search keywords they are using

Social Media is intended to provide an interactive, ongoing dialog, different from other forms of communications.  We'll make sure your postings are interesting, current, and encourage dialog to make readers comfortable with your company, so when they need what you offer, they'll contact you first.

Paid advertising continues to be an important part of most business's marketing communications.  We'll make sure that your ads are current, and they reach a high percentage of prospects with a message that encourages those prospects to take action and contact you.

You probably have substantial publicity opportunities.  Local, regional, and sometimes even national media outlets want to publish information on companies like yours, but the message has to be informative, not direct selling.  Contrary to what many other people say, I do not believe that publicity is "free advertising."  Publicity will work well for you if you have something to say that will benefit the audiences reached by various media outlets.

How strong is your brand?  We all know companies with strong brands like convenience store chains, automotive manufacturers, and fast food franchises.  Here in the Philadelphia area, a great example of a strong brand is Horizon Services and how they continually differentiate themselves from their competitors on a number of levels.  I'll show you ways that your company can use branding techniques to build awareness and confidence in the minds of your prospects.

Each of these five areas are extremely important to you.  Neglecting just one can create a "weak link" effect, pulling down the rest.

I will help you to make great decisions, with confidence, whenever you face a question on any of these aspects of marketing communications.  When you work with me, you receive the benefit of real world expertise gained by over forty years of working in advertising and marketing.  I guarantee that what I tell you will "feel right."

Although these are the core issues of marketing communications, there are many more important issues that will require your atten
tion in the coming months, such as gender and diversity issues. 

Give me a call at 856-942-4434 for a quick, informative, confidential discussion, and let's start making it happen!

Stephen C. Thompson

Thompson Communications

Skype: stephen.thompson580


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