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"Wall Street," starring Michael Douglas, was directed by Oliver Stone,
produced by Edward R. Pressman, and distributed by 20th Century Fox.

Your Qualified Second Opinion

You probably have staffers who want to give you the opinions that they think you want to hear. And you have suppliers who are trying to sell you something, to keep their billings up.

After several decades of working as an entertainment/film publicist, and surviving some major health issues, I'm now offering you marketing and publicity consulting services.

My opinions are not based on keeping my job, or selling you anything. I just want to make your marketing and publicity efforts as productive as possible.


I offer you nearly fifty years of experience in:


Structuring Marketing and Publicity Programs

Setting up Online Media Resource Centers

Creating Media Distribution Lists

Advising on the Selection of Press Release Distribution Services

Advising on Contacting Media Outlets, making Media Appearances

Recommendations on Social Media, and Paid Media Advertising Strategies

I've worked in advertising, marketing, and publicity since the mid-seventies, for chain-store retail, business to business, and entertainment publicity clients.

Promoted nearly fifty films, worked with an Academy Award Winner for ten years, and many, many other upcoming talents.


Reach out to me to hear what I have to say. You have nothing to lose, and a competitive, focused strategy to gain!

Stephen C. Thompson

Thompson Communications