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Producer / Director / Writer / Special Effects Master
Thomas R. Dickens Returns to His Home Town:
Fort Lauderdale

To Host the Theatrical Debut of his Recently Completed
Science Fiction Action Adventure “Aliens: Zone-X”

At the Cinema Paradiso, Fort Lauderdale,
Saturday Aug 15 2015, at 1pm

Thomas R. Dickens observes: "I want Aliens: Zone-X to give the audience something that they simply do not receive from Hollywood mega-budget films: the director’s personal vision, the result of 'taking a chance'.

Hollywood films are, by their nature, corporate creations meant for mass consumption. Huge sums of money and talent are thrown in to produce amazing projects, but often projects with no clear message, just glitz and glam, particularly in the realm of science fiction. Most of it is 'leave your brain at the door' entertainment. The science fiction aspect of it is just window dressing, on formula worn out stories. Viewers leave the theatre without a thought about it, and no more of a discussion than 'did you like it?'

Aliens: Zone-X asks the viewer to keep your brain 'in your head' while viewing. There are many topics that are woven through the film, which I hope will inspire conversations after viewing: 'What if?' questions.

The science fiction I was inspired by were works by H.G. Wells,  the original Star Trek, Jules Verne and others, work that was not meant to be merely flashy, but was meant to ask questions of the viewer. Everything wasn't spelled out for them or easily answered.  Viewers must think.  The films were not meant to 'mess with the viewer’s mind' as many films today do, leaving the viewer 'beat up' after watching.

I believe the viewing experience should be expansive.

But Aliens: Zone-X is also for the viewer who just wants a thrill to enjoy, and not think so much, it’s perfect for that as well. There are character arcs, romance, beautiful locations, intense fight scenes, nail biting suspense, stunning visual effects, and a powerful original film score."

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