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Promotional Services for Independent Filmmakers

Promoting a film draws on a completely different set of skills than producing a film.  There are proper and customary ways of approaching media, and potential distributors.  When your promotional materials are professionally prepared, they will tend to be better received, which provides you with a substantial competitive advantage.

I have promoted over thirty-five films, and worked with an Academy Award Winning Best Actor for ten years, who called me a "Miracle Man"!

Publicity -- Create a unique media message, designed to expand your audience, and strengthen your competitive position.  Distributed to entertainment media outlets.  (Check out our Recent Media Placements.)

Distributor, Sales Agent, Possible Co-Production Partner Contact -- Forget about the "Unsolicited Submission" letters, I contact industry professionals on your behalf in the way they are accustomed to be contacted.

Publicity Consulting / Analysis and Recommendations -- Assistance with structuring and managing your film's marketing program.  One time, or ongoing.

Sure, you can go to a larger firm, and pay a lot more, or you can hire someone starting out, and take your chances.  (We all started somewhere!)

I guarantee you that you will never find a better value combination of professionally prepared promotional materials, great customer service, and results, than what I will provide to you.

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Stephen C. Thompson

Thompson Communications

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Thompson Communications is a Fee for Services company
I do not accept deferred payment or commission arrangements.

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