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Director of Photography
Anup Kulkarni

His visual passion has taken him around the world, and across several genres, from documentaries, dramas, sci-fi, thriller, and art feature films, including the Academy Award Winning "Life of Pi"

"A deeper understanding of visual arts has given rise to a new passion in me, and that is cinematography for motion pictures, for which I am now pursuing a successful career in the greatest city of stories and fiction: Los Angeles. Here I have had the opportunity to work on award winning and prestigious projects like Life of Pi, Thor 2, Percy Jackson, and many, many others!"

She Jang
is a mystery thriller film, which tells the story of what takes place in the shadows of Korea town, where ambition connects the lives of two struggling actresses and a gangster.

She Jang, directed by Richard Simon, screened in the 33rd LA Asian Pacific Film Festival, which is an Oscar qualifying film festival. It’s a very prestigious festival in the Hollywood film festival circuit, along with the Asian film market as well.

View the She Jang trailer

Next is When Red is White, a Portuguese short film, the Brazilian working title is When Red is White - The Touch of Aurora. It has the famous Brazilian actress Thaila Ayala and the Brazilian International Press Award winning actor Al Danuzio. It’s a film about a blind couple making love for the first time, a very artistic film with exceptionally great acting.

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